Completed training and workshops in 2019

Date Title Info
12 Feb 2019 Learn to Program using Julia A one day course on basic programming with Julia
29-30 Apr 2019 Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R An intense hands-on workshop on bayesian spatiatemporal modelling with R covering the contents of the spacetime with R book. The workshop was run by the Statistical Society of Australia
Apr-May 2019 Bayesian Inference - Statistical Rethinking Study Group A weekly hands-on study group run over five weeks on bayesian modelling iwth R and python based on the original course Statistical Rethinking by Richard McElreath. This was part 1 of a 20 week course
10 Jun 2019 Python for Atmosphere and Ocean Science (AMOS 2019) A software carpentry workshop on Python for atmosphere and ocean science run by Damin Irwing
10 Jun 2019 Climate science data access and analysis at NCI

I am also regularly attending the following meetups in Sydney

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