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Daily gridded precipitation data are needed for investigating spatiotemporal variability of precipitation, including extremes; however, uncertainties related to daily precipitation products are large. Here, we compare a range of precipitation grids for Australia. These datasets include products derived solely from in situ observations (interpolated datasets) and two products that combine both remote sensed data and in situ observations. We find that all precipitation grids have similar climatologies for annual aggregated precipitation totals and annual maximum precipitation. The temporal correlations of daily precipitation values are higher between the interpolated datasets, but the correlations between the most widely used interpolated product (AWAP) and the two remotely sensed products (TRMM and GPCP) are still reasonable. Our results, however, point to distinct structural uncertainties between those datasets gridding in situ observations and those datasets deriving precipitation estimates primarily from satellite measurements. All datasets analysed agree well for low to moderate daily precipitation amounts up to about 20 mm but diverge at upper quantiles, indicating that substantial uncertainty exists in gridded precipitation extremes over Australia.
Advances in Meteorology, vol. 2015, Article ID 325718, 15 pages

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The changed senate voting system actually makes a big difference to how we should vote this time around. In this blog I describe these changes and what they mean for us. In the federal election we get to cast two votes, one for the local candidate in the House of Representatives and the other for the Senate Candidate. I am in the electorate of Grayndler which historically has been a very safe Labor seat and even though there is a lot of hype out there about the new Greens candidate Jim Cassey, I still think Albanese is going to safely keep his seat (I would love to be wrong).


Last Saturday, on 26th March 2016, a friend and fellow climber was injured while attempting a multipitch route near pulpit rock in Blackheath. This is a personal account of the events that unfolded. The plan was to leave Sydney at 7am, bright and early, and do either some multipitching or canyoning. We could have done one of the Bowens Ck South canyons or Butterbox canyon or either Whymper or Bellbird wall multipitch routes.



CCRC Global Gridded Daily Precipitation

Interpolated dataset of daily precipitation with global land coverage from 1950 onwards based on GHCN-Daily and GPCC archives.

Work Experience

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Semester 1, 2017, The University of New South Wales
Course: CLIM3001 - Climate Systems Science
Class on Earth’s radiative balance

Research Assistant

Aug 2013 – Nov 2014, The University of Sydney
Group: Condensed Matter Theory
Project: Investigation of multiferroic properties of Cobalt doped perovskite ferroelectrics

Teaching Assistant

Ongoing since 2011, The University of New South Wales
Courses: PHYS1160 - Introduction to Astronomy GENS4015 - Brave New World (A course on the physics of science fiction)
Duties include running and marking discussion modules, marking essays and other assignments and explaining theory.

Laboratory Demonstrator

2011 – 2015, The University of New South Wales
Courses: All first year physics courses
Duties included explaining theoretical and experimental concepts, supervising classes of up to 80 students, marking practicals and student projects.